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Yahoo Messenger was judged to be the most effective of the three products for use by distance education (DE) teachers and students, being compatible with most common operating systems and accommodating up to 50 chat room participants.

Yahoo Messenger also possesses integrated audio and video capabilities.

I don't mean that they're not technically symbols according to the rules of the game, but that they behave in a much different way than other symbols.

I really should release my current version of the library so people like you can offer criticism, I'm just trying to figure out how to reach a decent number of people who would be interested in checking it out.

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LANGUAGE LEARNING VIA INTERACTION AND REPAIR MOVES Social interaction is essential to language learning, according to the arguments presented by studies based in the communicative approach to language teaching (see, e.g., Hall & Verplaetse, 2000; Lantolf, 2000; Long, 1983, 1996; Pica, 1994).

The following questions were posed: (a) Which types of repair moves occur in text and voice chats; and (b) what are the differences, if any, between the repair moves in text chats and voice chats when time is held constant?

Repair moves made by anonymous NNSs in 10, 5-minute, synchronous chat room sessions (5 text-chat sessions, 5 voice-chat sessions) were counted and analyzed using chi-square with alpha set at .05.

This is reflected in how my manacost data structure works.

Basically, I have a Symbol enum, and colorless is not included.