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Our volunteers are friendly, dynamic, and outgoing people who maintain the daily operation of our centres. Contact the Allandale Centre or Parkview Centre to discover rewarding volunteer opportunities.The City of Barrie offers an adult day program for people who are experiencing difficulty taking advantage of our regular activities.Only certain alcohol-related charges qualify, including minor in possession of beer/alcohol, open container, possession of a fake or altered ID, public disorderly conduct, littering, etc.This program is not open to anyone charged with a DUI/DUAC. Beaufort County participants will also be required to pay 5 to the Beaufort County Alcohol Drug Abuse Department on the day of your scheduled class.This program is offered as an alternative to a conviction, and includes guidance, education and community service.

Grand Rapids was originally a community developed around the local gypsum mining industry, and European settlers first arrived in the area during the early 1800s.

Along with Northwest Side Grand Rapids properties, the local area has plenty of fun activities available for all age groups.

Some popular area attractions include the Rosa Parks Circle,the Grand Rapids Art Museum and the Fifth/ Third Park.

10 | Watch your favorite CULT CLASSIC at the Wealthy Theatre. Many local municipalities host these free events, including East Grand Rapids.

While there, Community Media Center members can take advantage of the only brew-in-view in GR and purchase beer, wine or a mixed drink to enjoy during the show. 11 | Go back in time and enjoy a DRIVE IN MOVIE at the Getty in Muskegon or Danny Boy’s in Ionia. Find a list of locations in our Guide to Outdoor Concerts and Movies in the Park.