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Assyrians often come from families where tradition is important and have been raised celebrating Assyrian culture and customs; however, meeting other Assyrians who share these values can be challenging.

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From the April issue of Apollo: preview and subscribe here Few people could have imagined, after the trail of destruction to Iraqi cultural heritage following the Second Gulf War in 2003, including the looting of the Iraq Museum, the desecration of Babylon, and the pillaging of archaeological sites, that things would have got even worse. Since Islamic fundamentalists (variously known as Isis, Isil, IS or Daesh) overran Mosul on 10 June 2014, they have not only introduced a reign of political terror but, in the name of religion, have cut a swathe of destruction through the unique and irreplaceable cultural heritage of northern Iraq.

In Mosul itself, many famous mosques and shrines have been obliterated, apparently on the grounds that they commemorate saints and other notable figures, which is anathema to the fundamentalist interpretation of Sunni Islam espoused by Isis, and there has been vandalism of libraries.

Those that did not shatter on impact were speedily broken up with the hammers.

Most of the pieces were either Assyrian, dating from the 9th–7th centuries BC or from the caravan city of Hatra and dating from the 1st–3rd centuries AD.

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has announced the debut of a new dating website created especially for Assyrian singles.The new Assyrian dating site, found online at Assyrian, will be a resource for single Assyrians all over the world.As the creators of the new website explain, "The Assyrian culture is rich and vibrant, representing an extraordinarily special way of life, and since Assyrians may live in virtually any part of the world today, we want to make it truly easy for them to reach out to others who share this special history and culture.One particularly shocking episode that fleetingly grabbed the attention of the world’s press was the smashing of statues and stone reliefs in the Mosul Museum, shown in a video posted online in late February this year.Fortunately most of the small objects in the collection of Mosul Museum had been removed to Baghdad for safekeeping before the Second Gulf War, but a number of stone sculptures, impractical to move, remained in the exhibition galleries. The video footage included harrowing images of thugs wielding sledgehammers and throwing statues to the floor.