Dating background checks uk

He also told us, “We utilize big data to verify that none of our users have a checkered past, something Daisy and the rest should have done.” Other dating sites follow a similar process - e Harmony also scans for sex offenders, and Match has agreed to clamp down on users with a criminal record.

It is hoped that others will follow their lead - because it shouldn’t have to take three dates before you realise that your match’s extreme interest in horror movies is actually way creepy…

Gatsby, a new swiping-based mobile dating app, uses profile information to search publicly available databases which include criminal records and sex offender registries.

The aim is to make you feel safer online, and monthly rescans ensure that no-one slips through the net. The app’s creator Joe Penora explained that the exclusive parties in the movies can be compared to the exclusivity of the app.

We provide professional background investigations for all individuals and businesses and we offer an insight into the background of the chosen subject or business you may require investigating.

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All applications are thoroughly vetted to ensure the members have the highest level of experience.

The aim of this swiping-based mobile dating app is to make people feel safer online because according to the UK's National Crime Agency, there is 'deliberate targeting of online sites and apps by offenders who intend to commit sexual assault.' The agency also stated that the 'number of [sexual assault] reports rose from 33 in 2009 to 184 in 2014.

85% of the victims are women and 15% are men.' This is already a whopping increase, but it's important to note that it's only based on the sexual assaults that have been reported - there's no doubt that a huge number also go unreported.

With the help of new online dating sites, you can reach people across town or around the world with a few clicks of a mouse.

We always recommend that before you get into a relationship with someone you have met online that you find out about them first to make sure they are the person they say they are. Many online dating stories end with: "He seemed like such a nice guy, or I had no idea that he was married".