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Deviant sexual behavior has often been portrayed as the consequence of the frustration of legitimate sexual outlets.

This study of date rapists reveals that these men, as a result of a hypersexual socialization process, are sexually very active, successful, and aspiring.

The sugar-to-acid ratio of the non-acid nectarines was 2–3 times higher than with the acid cultivars.Tension for the inclination of the microscope can be adjusted using brass knobs located on either side of the axis of inclination.The stage of the microscope consists of a brass frame and an attached thick glass plate with a 3/4 inch opening.Compared to non-acid, acid cultivars showed also a greater differences in red colour between the exposed side and the shade side of the fruit.The evolution of fruit weight and of soluble solids content over the different harvest dates was similar for both groups of cultivars.