Dating someone of another faith

But I also realised I might not be the best to write about it.

So my good friend, Lisa is back with some personal experience on the subject.

If there are major disagreements in doctrinal beliefs, the couple must agree to disagree, and at the same time agree on how to raise children and agree on how to live out the Christian faith.

It is best for a couple to agree doctrinally, but the most important issue is faith in Christ, love for one another, and a desire to have a God-honoring relationship.

If you’ve fallen for someone of a different religion, that’s about to change. You’re not going to agree with every point of your partner’s faith.

If you can’t accept this, you may as well end the relationship now—it’s headed for the rocks. Imagine your partner will never, ever change their faith.

Some people are actually more tolerant than others. So go ahead and find out for yourself how she would react at the idea of a date. Seriously, you’re just going on a date or two, getting to know each other, flirting and making romantic advances.

She may not be one of those people who intentionally separate themselves from the rest of the world outside their church. Unless you’re going to get married soon, or are seriously thinking about it and you think that your religious differences are going to affect your relationship, postpone the topic for as long as you possibly can.

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Personally I think this subject is really important.

Nowhere, however, does it say that God picked out a spunky brunette whom he's waiting to spring on you at the right moment. When it comes to God, I'm pretty careful about saying what he does or doesn't do.

But I do know this—if you rely on this idea too much, your dating life will get really confusing.

However, that is not to say there will not be potential problems and issues.

When / if the relationship becomes serious and is potentially leading toward marriage, the couple must sit down and come to an agreement on what church to attend.