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Since they know how it feels to be hurt, scared, lonely, embarrassed and sad, they’re typically more receptive to your emotions and understanding of your problems.2. They're Romantic: The number of video games that involve saving a princess then winning her heart have made a lot of dorks hopeless romantics who want nothing more than a girl of their own to “rescue.” Thoughtful and chivalrous, geeks treat their women well.8 .They're Genuine: Nerds rarely put on a front: They’re usually not guzzling beer to fit in or bed hopping to impress their pals, but rather tend to be open, honest and loyal with the one girl lucky enough to win their favor.3. They're Good in Bed: While they may not be that experienced, a nerd’s love of learning will ensure that they catch on quick and continue to up their skill repertoire.Nora is fascinated by Nigel's unique Britishness, while Nigel worries that Nora's cleanliness may not be up to par with his own.Will these two crazy kooks get past their differences and fall madly in love with one another?Men have also changed their views about what they desire in a woman.It’s not the 17th century anymore; men want opinions, passion, and ambition from women, not a doormat to step all over.Have you ever tripped and spilled something all over your date? Drink a lot of wine, research like crazy, and finally bumble your way through some spectacular dates on your way to dating success.Or perhaps, you always seem to attract the strange or unusual when it comes to dating prospects. Dating 101: A Dating Dorks Re-Entry Into The Dating World is a humorous look at divorce and the new dating world.

At the most basic level, I’m a guy in his late twenties who has (weirdly but not surprisingly) dedicated his life to dating and women. Second of all, accepting your dork waffliness is difficult. But if you arrrrre into it, good lord everything just got so awesome. ) and when I like someone, I want them to like me back because they actually like me back, not because I played it super cool around them for a while and they thought the fake super cool version of me was the real me… If a girl walked up to you and was like “heeyyyy sooooo you’re cute i’m leaving bye ttyl that paper has my phone number haha bye” one of two things would happen (1) you would think “holy shit that was the cutest thing on earth” OR (2) you would think “that was bizarre, I’m not at all attracted to that kind of human interaction.” If you’re not into it, you’re not into it, AND THAT’S OKAY. Some women exude “sexiness” but are still self-doubting.Others are confident but seem to have misplaced their femininity.