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The idol's name has come up in the past in other dating rumors, due to his fame for being close with a number of people in the entertainment industry. Why do you have to suffer when you have nothing to do with it' but I just laughed it off, saying, 'It's okay.

It looks like the latest accused involvement was the last draw for Heechul, and he took to his Instagram to vent his frustration toward the fallacious reports. However, when people around me found out that I had a lot of close female dongsaengs and called me asking, 'I have a hyung who wants to have a meal with A, is that okay? A statement saying I have nothing to do with it might affect the people involved negatively, and the fans need someone to be angry at', but now that it's happened repeatedly, I'm seriously pissed..

I have a lot of respect for him and you know, he’s kind of cute too.” She then admits they’ve had “sleepovers,” but claims they haven’t done the “nasty.” “We have [had sleepovers],” she said.

“Because you know, I’m just chillin’ right now,” Minaj continued.

The label's representative told Soompi that Yoseob and Shin Go Eun only have a professional relationship, thus the dating rumor is actually groundless.

However, a source from the musical industry revealed that Yoseob and Shin Go Eun are already being in love with each other before the dating rumor surfaced.

(Photo : Yang Yoseob/Instagram) It's rare for Highlight members to involve in any dating rumors.

Apparently, Yang Yoseob has come to break the curse with his dating rumor with actress Shin Go Eun.

Highlight's independent label, Around US Entertainment, finally breaks silence to address the dating rumor.

The couple going through the similar situation is Greg Sulking and “Shake It Up” star, Bella Thorne. Gregg and Bella did set relationship goals and were also used to attending the family functions together.

Well, speculations have been made that Gregg is back with his ex-girlfriend. Bella attended Gregg’s brother’s wedding, and also shared a video of them dancing together.

Adding to the rumors, they were also spotted together; time and again. Gregg and Bella snapped together time and again as spending time together.

Hence, the dating rumors turned out to be wrong, but they do have a chemistry more than friendship, just as equally important as the romantic relationship.