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It’s all ‘thee’ and ‘thou’ and weird words.” That’s because she was reading a translation that uses Old English—and we just don’t use that language anymore.You want your translation to be accurate, but also written in the language we speak today.But have you heard HOW to start reading your Bible? Here are five of my favorite Bible reading tips to get you started. If we try to understand God based on a few Bible verses, we’ll probably misunderstand what He’s saying to us. Usually it takes me two or three years, and that’s okay.) But if you’re brand new to the Bible, I would suggest starting with one of these tools for context. There are two main kinds of translations: literal translations (where the words are translated directly as they were written) and paraphrase translations (where the translator takes the idea of a passage and writes it in his or her own words).

It is far easier to learn than even the Japanese ‘script’ alphabets of Katakana or Hiragana, and maybe even Cyrillic. But then, I always was a terrible poor judge of human nature. Weakened sense of "very bad, awful" is first attested 1590s.terrible early 15c., "causing terror, frightful," from O. Terrible jarrin' to the nerves when folks come in and call on a sick man. terribilis "frightful," from terrere "fill with fear," from PIE base *tres- "to tremble" (cf. trasati "trembles," Avestan tarshta "feared, revered," Gk. It was a dreadful conviction that was forced upon me, and as wonderful as terrible. Gladstone that his memory was "terrible." It was terrible to be chosen in this way to be the arbiter of Destiny.