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Nic Von Rupp may be one of the most tubed freesurfers on the planet.He's constantly on the road -- hence his "My Road" series -- and constantly seeking out the world's best waves.Thus it is not surprising that the selective binding of simple or functionalized (for example, branched methyl groups or unsaturated carbon–carbon double bonds) long hydrocarbon chains, essential components for biological function(a) Schematic representation of the binding of a long hydrocarbon by a molecular tube with polyaromatic frameworks.(b) Chemical structures of molecular tube 1 and long hydrocarbons 4a, 4b, 5a, 6a and 6c.

The tube has a well-defined cylindrical cavity with a diameter and length of ~1 nm encircled by multiple anthracene panels and thereby binds long hydrocarbons containing branched methyl groups and/or unsaturated carbon–carbon double bonds (for example, heptamethylnonane, nervonic acid ester and squalene) with high selectivity in aqueous solutions..

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Crushing pressure, freezing temperatures, and zero sunlight aren't enough of a challenge for giant tube worms.

They've adapted to thrive at the edge of hydrothermal vents, which spew superheated water saturated with toxic chemicals.