Updating blackberry themes

I got mine yesterday on the Q10, and have been posting updates, screenshots and reviewing the new features.

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Update: A new Black Berry 10 OS software update was received today (March 18, 2015) on my Q10 – the version is and the download’s size was about 70 MBs.

While I am assuming it irons out any bugs in the previous major update, there are no obvious changes with this one. It’s an exciting time right now for Black Berry owners since the new 10.3.1 update is rolling out for all Black Berry 10 devices.

Update: I just received (June 3, 2015) another update notification on my Q10 – with Black Berry 10 OS update version

The size of this update is 376 MBs and we will share changes and give more updates once we’ve downloaded and installed the latest update.

It also supports hardware keyboards, including ones which support touch input.In this article, I’ll show you how to do an advanced mobile upgrade.For the advanced mobile upgrade, you will use the MVVM pattern.If you’ve used Airdroid for Android, you’re going to love Black Berry Blend, which offers a similar experience for your BB.You simply need to install the Black Berry Blend application for your computer (download it here), run it, sign in with your Black Berry ID and pair your device.