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Once, a few months ago, I did get a rude person on the phone, but after so many years with the company, it would shock me not to.I asked her to hold on a second while someone asked me a question, to which she replied, "Maybe you should call me back later." ~click~ But honestly, every other person I've spoken to has been courteous and helpful. I've called and complained numerous times without avail.

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User's Manual Download DOCOMO listens to customer feedback to improve the quality of mobile phones.DOCOMO updates software for products after they go on sale to improve functionality and ease of use so you may better use your mobile phone.Software can be updated easily without visiting a DOCOMO service counter.If you need a generous plan and a phone you will use daily, Virgin Mobile is a quality service for a bargain.i purchased a virgin phone in Dec 2006. I repeated four times then gave up and call the 1-888 number. Now I have to wait 24-72 hours for "someone" to rescue my ticket and attempt a fix.The automated system asks for your ESN and Zip, birth date etc. Perhaps it will be less difficult to buy another provider product. Although Virgin Mobile is an inexpensive approach to pay as you go phones, I do have two fairly significant problems with them. They're "hip" talk is annoying and covers for their inability to solve problems, such as dealing with lost passwords for retrieving voice mail. The other very annoying problem is their smaller service area.